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Gender Male
Race Time Sweeper
Role Protagonist
Allies Time Sweepers, CEO, Time Factory workers
Enemies Tom Tom Gang, Time Monsters
Weapons TS-1000 (Blinx)

TS-5000X (MOTAS)

Blinx is a young Time Sweeper who is main protagonist of Blinx the Time Sweeper. He's featured as a support character in Blinx 2. His enemies mostly include Time Monsters and the Tom Tom Gang.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Blinx has striped orange fur that mixes with tannish-white in his ventral areas. He has bright green eyes and wears a large pair of protective goggles on his forehead. His team design is a bright blue, high neck jacket with red pants, along with white steel-toed boots and white gloves. Blinx's outfits can be changed by purchasing clothing sets from various shops in the first game. His genetic appearance cannot be changed.

In Blinx 2, he gets a large scar on his right cheek. The clothing also changes in the sequal. The jackets have a different, more modern style, having big squared collars and no bell under it.


Blinx is the main protagonist of Blinx the Time Sweeper. He is one of many Time Sweepers th
Blinx blink
at reside in the Time Factory. His job is to clear out the time monsters created from inequities in the fabric of time. All is normal until the Tom Tom Gang starts stealing Time Crystals from various worlds. They capture themselves a princess, as well. All of this backfires as their meddling creates large-scale monster problems in world B1Q64.

When news of this arrives, all other time sweepers flee away. Blinx however, goes to world B1Q64 to save the princess and fix the monster problems, even though every other time sweeper discouraged Blinx from doing so. Blinx explores a variety of unique locations in world B1Q64, as well as collecting money, cat medals, and buying new items. He also defeats bosses and other huge monsters, and eventually saves the princess at the end of the game.

However, in Blinx 2, he does not play a very large role. In fact, he is not even playable. However, Blinx does appear in a few cut scenes of the game. In Blinx 2, Blinx gets a large scar on his right cheek. Also in Blinx 2, it is possible to make a cat that looks like Blinx, missing only the scar and different voice.

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