A Fast-Forward Machine in Stage 3 of Time Square.

The Fast-Forward Machine is a strange contraption utilized by the Tom-Tom Gang.

The Fast-Forward Machine resembles a silver canister with a pig-like face at its front. On top of the canister is plunger with Fast-Forward symbol imprinted upon its surface. The device is two times bigger than Blinx.

The machine is constantly in motion, with the plunger on top going up and down. When Blinx is standing on the plunger, the Fast-Forward Machine will slightly throw him up into the air. However, if Blinx utilizes a Fast-Forward whilst on the machine, the plunger on the Fast-Forward Machine will fling Blinx high into the air, napping high to reach Time Crystals and Cat Medals in the process.

Areas encounteredEdit

Time SquareEdit


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