The Guard Sweepers are a special quadrant of the Time Sweepers. They don't use Sweepers, or control time. Instead, they use weapons and armor. They appear in the Tom Tom Stages of Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space acting as guards. There are 4 types and subtypes of guard sweepers. There are yellow and red lighted Guard Sweepers. Yellow lighted ones act like regular enemies, whilst the Red lighted ones are able to act like enemies and are able to set off an alarm, which calls for some yellow lighted sweepers to appear as backup. The subtypes are extra armored ones and regular armored ones. Extra Armored guard sweepers have double the health, and take longer to defeat than the regular armored ones.

There are also Guard Sweepers protected by a special blue Time Barrier field around their bodies. If the player uses a Time Grenade the guard can be attacked (exactly how Time Monsters with barrier shields can be attacked), but if done so with a weak weapon, the guard will trigger an alarm, like a regular Guard Sweeper. Yellow and Red light variants of these guards exist, and act in the same way as their regular counterparts. If attacked without using a Time Grenade, the shield will protect the guard from all damage, though they won't seem to notice the attack.


The K9-1000's are robotic dogs who are made by the Guard Sweepers. They serve as helpers for the guard sweepers. When it bites, it will distract the player, unable to move. Takes two shots to defeat with Gun type weapons, and one shot with missile type weapons.

Robotic TurrentEdit

These are found as small robotic turrents which send aerial torpedos at the player. They act nearly the same way as K9-1000 dogs, except they cannot move. Takes two shots to defeat with Gun type weapons, and one shot with missile type weapons.

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