Locker Rooms are used in Blinx 2 to customize teams.

There, you can customize you and your team mates and check their stats.

Here are some things you can check and modify for you and your team:

Status: Here you have grade levels that change if certain conditions are complete. You can check your status and refresh the health bar.

Equip Team: You can equip weapons and add upgrades.

Accessories(team members only): Add items like goggles, earings and uniforms to change the look.

The leader(you) has more options like:

Customize Apperence: Change you entire look here. Change the jacket, pants and more. Also change height, ear length and more. Accessiories and here.

Change name: Need a new name? Change it here.

Change Team name: Of course your team needs a name. Change to the desire team name. (my team name is Team Neko. Isn't it cute?)

Change Flag design: Many designs to choose here. Change the flag so you are ready to plant it in the territory.

Change Flag emblem: The symbol for your team. Up to 15 designs.

Change team menbers: Someone not pulling their leg? Change them here. More team menbers can be hire at the shop.

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