In Blinx: The Time Sweeper, the characters speak a unique and unnamed language that seems to function as a common tongue within the Time Factory. The Tom Tom Gang seem to speak either a different language or a variant of the Time Factory language.

Little is known about the grammar and lexicon of the language, although the word order seems to be SVO (subject-verb-object, the same as English) and the following words can be isolated:

  • ​"mav" = we/us
  • "ma" = my/our
  • "reystam" = time
  • "wertham" = glitch/fault
  • "faktam" = assembly
  • "lastokh" = monster/fear
  • "lastakh" = wisdom
  • "signa" = work
  • "siram" = visit
  • "sigram" = see
  • "straksam" = farewell
  • "hen" = it
  • "no" = of
  • "stakh" = goodness
  • "stokh" = grief
  • "motakh" = universe/world
  • "geem" = name/being/person
  • "täreyv" = trade
  • "fereyv" = sweep
  • "epi" different
  • "efi" = out
  • "mana" = [previous object auxiliary]
  • "Beess-Ix-Keuv-Nee-Maks" = "B1Q64"

The language is absent in Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space, with all dialogue being rendered in English instead of this language.

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