Time Square Stage 2, also known as Stage 1-2, is the second stage of the Time Square.

Enemies encounteredEdit

Time MonstersEdit

Tom-Tom GangEdit

Cat Medal locationsEdit

Red - near the button that opens the door leading to the Spiker and Dust Herder.

Silver - In the area with the Tom-Tom, stand on the flat piece of the statue and use a rewind. The medal is at the top.

Gold - In the area with the last Spiker and Dust Herder, it is on a ledge on the wall across from the entrance.

S+ Time - 0:50.00

Suck up the gears at the start. Kill the four time monsters. Suck up a barrel. Ignore the Tom-Tom. Use a record. Shoot the barrel at the wall. Press the button and kill the last two time monsters. Go to the goal gate.

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