• Qwertybnm2

    Hello to the dozens of BLiNX fans out there!

    I would like to share something that can help basically every article on this wiki and add plenty of new ones!

    Introducing a document that took hours and hours for me to make, but I think it was well worth the effort I put into it!

    It's the entire script of BLiNX 2, from start to end, 171 pages long, sorted properly, and only excluding button prompts and menu text. You may remove any "minor changes" I made to correct grammar for all of the articles this script can benefit, and of course, this script could be used to correct pretty much every error within all articles for BLiNX 2. I also have the remaining text for Catherine's Shop in BLiNX 1 at the end of the document, but everything else for BLiNX…

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